Former Students and Thesis Titles

Zackary Munger (PhD 2016)

Tiffany VanderWerker (MS 2016)

Zachary Kiracofe(MS 2015)

Denise Levitan (PhD 2014) Statistical Analysis of the Environmental Geochemistry of an Unmined Uranium Ore Deposit

Ryan Brandon (MS 2014) Characterization of a hydraulically induced bedrock fracture

Lyndsey Funkhouser (MS 2014) Determination of the location of the groundwater divide and nature of groundwater flow paths within a region of active stream capture; the New River watershed

Sarah Eagle (MS 2013) Analysis of Hydrologic and Geochemical Time Series Data at James Cave, Virginia: Implications for Epikarst Influence on Recharge
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

Yinka Oyewumi (PhD 2012) The Release and Mobility of Trace Elements from Poultry Litter: Insights from Field, Laboratory and Modeling Experiments
Central Connecticut State University

Luke Joyce (MS 2012) Examining Pathways for water loss from Mountain Lake, Giles County, Virginia
Schnabel Engineering

Jeanne Roningen (MS 2011) Hydrogeologic Controls on Lake Level at Mountain Lake, Virginia
Scientist, US Army Corps of Engineers Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory

Beth Diesel (PhD 2011) The Effect of Speciation and Form on the Bioavailability of Arsenic: Insight into the Behavior of Arsenic in Natural Waters

Jonathan Gerst (MS 2010) Epikarst control on flow and storage at James Cave, VA: An analog for water resource characterization in Shenandoah Valley karst
Volunteer, Peace Corps

J.P. Gannon (MS 2009) Evaluation of Fracture Flow at the Coles Hill Uranium Deposit in Pittsylvania County, VA using Electrical Resistivity, Bore Hole Logging, Pumping Tests, and Age Dating Methods
PhD Student, VT Forestry Department

Martin Hernandez-Marin (PhD 2009) Numerical evaluation and analysis of the occurrence of earth fissures in faulted sedimentary basins

Nicole West (MS 2008) Arsenic Release from Chlorine Promoted Oxidation of Pyrite in the St. Peter Sandstone Aquifer, Eastern Wisconsin
PhD Student, Penn State

Benjamin Schwartz (PhD 2007) Hydrogeophysical quantification of infiltration and recharge through soil-filled sinkholes using Time Domain Reflectometry and Electrical Resistivity Tomography
Assistant Professor, Texas State University

Tingting Yan (MS 2007) Effects of delayed drainage on subsidence modeling and parameter estimation
Environmental Consultant, Intera Inc.

David Rugh (MS 2006) Evaluating Preferential Recharge in Blue Ridge Aquifer Systems Using Saline Tracers
Senior Staff Hydrogeologist, Aspect Consulting

Ankan Basu (MS 2006) Assessment of arsenic mobility using sequential extraction and microscopic methods
Environmental Consultant, Marshall Miller Inc.

Mary Harvey (MS 2006) Adsorption charcteristics of roxarsone on goethite and kaolinite
Research Associate, Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences

Bradley White (MS 2005) Physical Investigation of Field Scale Groundwater Recharge Processes in the Virginia Blue Ridge Physiographic Province

D. Isaac Jeng (PhD 2005) A Three-dimensional Model of Poroviscous Aquifer Deformation

Jonathan Roller (MS 2004) Arsenic Mobilization through Bioreduction of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles

Forest Walker (MS 2004) Kinetics of Arsenopyrite Oxidation by Oxygen

Sandy Warner (MS 2004 ) Using GPS to Quantify Three Dimensional Storage and Aquifer Deformation in the Virgin River Valley, NV

Sam Harvey (MS 2004) Thermal History of the Chesapeake Bay Impact Crater

Miles Gentry (MS 2003) Evaluation of Spring Discharge for Characterization of Groundwater Flow in Fractured Rock Aquifers: A Case Study from the Blue Ridge Province, VA

Brenda Brown (MS 2003) The Sorption of Roxarsone, an Organoarsenical Animal Feed Additive

Jackson Spain (MS 2002) Characterization of redox conditions in a petroleum contaminated aquifer: Implications for bioremediation potential

Bill Seaton (PhD 2002), Aquifer Characterization in the Blue Ridge Physiographic Province

Jason Pope (MS 2002) Characterization and Modeling of Land Subsidence due to Groundwater Withdrawals from the Confined Aquifers of the Virginia Coastal Plain

DeBonne Wishart (MS 2000) Hydrogeology and Simulated Water Budget of the Rio Cobre and Rio Minho-Milk River Basins, Jamaica, West Indies

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