Current research projects

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Fractured Rock Hydrogeology (Burbey)

Earth tides and barometric loading to characterize fractured-rock aquifers

Measuring and analyzing strain and deformation to quantify aquifer properties in fractured-rock systems 

Evaluating factures that influence recharge in the Blue Ridge Province

Hydrogeology of the Coles Hill Uranium site in Pittsylvania County, Virginia

Hydrogeology of Mountain Lake, VA

Aquifer Mechanics and Land Subsidence (Burbey)

Using horizontal and vertical deformation signals to characterize aquifers

Using InSAR as a tool to characterize storage properties in systems with complex basin-fill deposits

Earth fissures resulting from aquifer pumping in Las Vegas Valley

Karst Hydrology (Schreiber)

Characterization of sinkholes using electrical resistivity tomography 

Role of epikarst in controlling recharge and water quality to karst aquifers

Chemical Hydrogeology (Schreiber)

Anaerobic biodegradation of petroleum hydrocarbons 

Controls on arsenic release in mine-impacted watersheds 

Arsenic cycling in agricultural watersheds 

Arsenic in northeastern Wisconsin 

Dissolution of arsenic-bearing minerals

Uranium mobility and geochemistry

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