Hydrogeology Equipment and Facilities

Borehole Geophysical Equipment:

Mt. Sopris MGX II Portable digital logging system, includes winch and software 
Full Waveform Sonic Probe (Mt. Sopris)
Heat-Pulse Flow Meter 
Normal Resistivity 
Temperature/Fluid Resistivity 
Three-Arm Caliper 
Gamma/SP/Single Point Resistance 
Optical Televiewer 

Surface Geophysics Equipment:

AGI 8 channel 64 electrode Electrical Resistivity system (640 m) 

Field monitoring equipment:

Water-level meters 
Pressure tranducers and data logger 
Submersible pumps 
Peristaltic pumps 
Inflatable packers 
TDR probe 
Guelph permeameter 

Laboratory facilities

SRI gas chromatograph with flame ionization and thermal conductivity detectors 
Dionex ion chromatograph 
Perkin Elmer graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometer 
Shimadzu Organic carbon analyzer 
Coy anaerobic chamber 
Brinkmann pH stat systems 
Wet hydrogeochemistry facilities