Hydrogeoscience Courses at VT

Courses in Geosciences

Geos 4804 Groundwater Hydrology
Geos 4554 Geologic Aspects of Nuclear and Toxic Waste Disposal
Geos 4634 Environmental Geochemistry
Geos 5804 Quantitative Hydrogeology
Geos 5834 Chemical Hydrogeology
Geos 5814 Numerical Modeling of Groundwater Flow and Transport
Geos 6804 Advanced Topics in Hydrogeology

Courses in Civil and Environmental Engineering

CEE 5104    Environmental Chemistry
CEE 5124    Fundamentals of Environmental Toxicology
CEE 5134    Engineering Aspects of Water Quality
CEE 5184    Techniques for Environmental Analysis
CEE 5194    Environmental Engineering Microbiology
CEE 5304    Advanced Hydraulics
CEE 5314    River Mechanics and Sediment Transport
CEE 5324    Advanced Hydrology
CEE 5334    Analysis of Water Resources Systems
CEE 5364    Water Law
CEE 5374    Dynamics of Groundwater
CEE 5384    Transport Processes in Waterways
CEE 5384    Transient Flow in Hydraulic Systems

Courses in Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences

CSES 4594    Soil and Groundwater Pollution
CSES 4684    Soil Microbiology
CSES 4734    Environmental Soil Chemistry
CSES 5634    Soil Chemistry
CSES 5594    Modeling Subsurface Water and Chemical Transport

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