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Virginia Tech Hydrogeosciences Research

Welcome to the home page of the Hydrogeosciences Research Group in the Department of Geosciences at Virginia Tech.

Our research group, headed byTom Burbey and Madeline Schreiber, studies a wide variety of topics in both physical and chemical hydrogeology. Faculty and graduate student profiles, in addition to recent theses and dissertations, can be viewed under People page.

See theResearch page for our current projects and publications.

We offer many courses in hydrogeology, and our students take advantage of other hydro-related courses offered in other departments at Virginia Tech (see the Courses page for current offerings).

To do our research, we have lots of equipment -- both field and lab. Our current list of hydro "toys" is on the Equipment page.

Last but not least, see us in action in the field!! (see Photos page).

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